A Major Growing Tourism Industry

For the past 25 years, the Québec off-road vehicle industry has skyrocketed. If 129,000 ATVs were registered in 1993, the figures have nearly tripled today. There are likely a number of factors explaining this increase in popularity, mainly additional marked trails and the diversity in ATV models.

According to the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec and based on the studies commissioned by the FQCQ, economic fallout associated with ATVing are in the range of $600 million annually while related spending reaches $1.2 billion, making it an important, and somewhat vital activity for many regions of Québec.

More than employment opportunities, the off-road vehicles industry boosts local economies by increasing traffic. The interconnected trail network allows riders to access remote areas more easily, in addition to sustain other outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

If ATVing attracts new visitors each year, it also strengthens the customer base and galvanizes an existing network. It makes no doubt for the FQCQ: the quad industry is still expending and it is adamant to pursue and maintain development activities.  

The Market

Year Registered vehicles on December 31sMembers on October 31stKM of trailsMember clubs on April 30thNew ATVs sold in Québec
2003276 57651 10817 15914028 605
2002257 99343 86716 43613037 303
2001238 15133 65815 04612123 415
2000222 59631 71111 33410921 816
1999191 31123 5178 90610017 807
1998175 02616 644N/D9511 117
1997162 89212 500N/D7710 548
1996156 19411 0008 227728 663
1995147 6479000609 238
1994138 172N/D539 812
1993128 901N/D5111 429
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