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The Fédération québécoise des Clubs Quads (FQCQ)

Since 1985, the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs Quads (FQCQ) has brought together a number of non-profit organizations known as quad clubs. The FQCQ’s mission is to promote safe, sustainable quad riding on a network of quality trails, by mobilizing the necessary resources for the benefit of clubs and quad riders.

The FQCQ brings together 104 member clubs, comprising over 50,000 quad riders. It also boasts a network of over 30,000 kilometers of winter, summer and four-season trails, generating annual economic spin-offs of several billion dollars. The organization employs more than 2,500 volunteers to help with trail maintenance, safety and local activities.

As a non-profit organization, the FQCQ and its board of directors support their members:

  • By providing the training required to operate an off-highway vehicle in Quebec;
  • By managing access rights;
  • By facilitating access to up-to-date information and trail maps;
  • By developing the iQuad and iQuad Pro mobile applications;
  • By monitoring trails with over 1,000 volunteer trail guards;
  • By promoting quad riding as a major recreational activity;
  • By providing expertise or documentation on the development of off-road activities and their various impacts;
  • By acting as an ambassador and spokesperson for the industry with partners, suppliers, government and municipalities;
  • Providing administrative support.
What is the difference between an association (club) and a federation?

“However, whereas an association (club) brings together individuals around the same passion, the same objective or the same project, a federation brings together legal entities or associative bodies sharing the same object.”

So, by definition, as a federation, the FQCQ brings together and represents Quebec quad clubs that have decided to join the FQCQ. The direct members of the FQCQ are the clubs.

The difference in the level of intervention of a club vs. the FQCQ

Clubs work directly in the field and for their members, for example:

  • Signage
  • Trail maintenance
  • Winter trail grooming
  • Social activities
  • Etc.

The FQCQ works more on:

  • Distribution of subsidies (equalization, public funding, trail maintenance, machinery purchases)
  • Club support (liaison officers, geomatics, etc.)
  • Management of access rights for clubs
  • Overall trail safety
  • Trail maintenance in wildlife reserves
  • Search for new funding (MTQ, DEC Canada, etc.)
  • Etc.

It’s understandable that the FQCQ and the clubs don’t have the same responsibilities, but both are working to maintain and develop federated quad activities in Quebec, each at their own level. Grouped under the banner of the federation, the clubs have a stronger voice in advancing the development of the leisure sport with decision-makers and partners.

The FQCQ also offers club members a number of benefits, such as receiving the Sentier Quad magazine (provided you have a mailing address in Québec), which features useful and privileged information. Members can also take advantage of an exclusive insurance plan at attractive rates.

Although aimed more directly at clubs, the FQCQ’s actions benefit quad riders just as much, since the network of safe, sustainable trails is deployed for trail users. Quad riders are the ultimate beneficiaries of the FQCQ’s achievements.

A few statistics ON QUADS in QuEbec

  • More than 440,000 registered vehicles
  • More than 100 federated clubs in Québec
  • Over 30,000 km of marked and groomed trails
  • Annual economic spin-offs estimated at $1.5 billion
  • 13,000 industry-related jobs
  • Over 50% of quad riders practice the activity year-round
  • Over 50% of quad riders use lodging during their outing
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